Who doesn’t listen to Music? Every one does! Isn’t it? Music is one of the most popular and important thing in our life. It reduces our sorrow and gives us happiness and motivation many times.

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The iTunes App Store has really gone big in terms of providing better facility and advantages to the user. Now all the users can just simply go to the app store and download anything which they want into their Mobile.

Some of the best list of Music Apps from iTunes includes

  • Pairshare
  • Shazaam
  • I am T-Pain
  • Tune-In Radio
  • Anthem Music Videos
  • Slacker Radio
  • Pandora One
  • Iheartradio
  • Tunewiki
  • Tunemark Radio

Below is an awesome information graphic that will enlist you all the features and advantages of the above listed apps. Do put forth your comment on what you think are the best apps for listening music on iTunes.

Top 10 iTunes Music Apps till now to Download

Source: iOS Music