There are various popular places in Asia to travel and details of the ones that are considered to be safe for alone women travelers are given below.

Singapore is one of the safest places in Asia for women to travel alone as the country has very low crime rate and it ranks at 80th position in the global safety rank. New Zealand is another name in the list and the crime rate of the country is very low and 60% of the citizens feel safe while walking home at night. With low crime rate, Taiwan stands at the 40th position in the list of global safety rank and rape crime per 100K population of the country is 8.82%.

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Standing at 11th position in global safety rank, Japan is another safe place for women travelers and the crime of the country is low and less than 2.7% of the peoples have been assaulted while less than 10.4 % has experienced theft.

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Besides these some of the other places are Australia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Mongolia, Vietnam and Kazakhstan. While traveling alone, women should consider advice like avoiding situations when you are alone with a man, avoiding crowded buses, keep your bag close to your body, do not let other people know that you are a solo traveler and others.

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In order to make your traveling safe various tips can be followed like booking for bed for the first night, befriending the local women, arriving during the day time, dress appropriately, keep your documents safe, carry your food and books, only bring what you can carry easily, try not to look like a tourist, do not wear lots of jewellery, carry your prescribed medicines, take up a good travel insurance, carry your sunscreen, carry cash in your socks or bra for emergency and if you have a blonde hair cover it up with bandana to avoid unwanted attention.

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