Most people have probably played a pinball game at least once at some point in their lives. No one can ever resist the excitement brought by watching the rushing steel ball go round and round in the machine, springing back and forth off the corners while trying to keep the ball from falling down with flippers. In this game, the objective are to keep playing as long as possible and earn as many points as the player can. Pinball has enticed many people and received lots of raves–ever since, pinball has been a popular arcade game among kids and even adults.

The start of pinball stretches back to late 1700s. Since then, a lot of innovations has taken place to improve pinball–and these enhancements primarily involved putting twists to pinball machines.

The Classic Pinball Machine

From the invention of spring launcher, coin operation, flippers to electronics and digital displays, tweaks and enhancements were added to pinball machines to bring more excitement to the gameplay.

The ball lock, multiball, jackpot, end-of-ball bonus, extraball, kickback, various times rounds, wizard mode, and slam tilt–these features make up the classic pinball machine. But thanks to creative innovations, modern pinball machines are now made more stimulating with vibrant digital displays and other high-tech features.

Like any other types of games, pinball is continuously evolving along with the rapid progress of technology. Game creators are always seeking to upgrade their games and make it stand out among the rest. This is evident in the evolution of many well-known games over the years–usually through the quality of graphics and gameplay. In pinball, machine manufacturers have conceptualized and released new designs to excite the avid pinball players.

The Importance of Design in Pinball Machines

Aside from the gameplay itself, players rate the pinball game based on the music, graphics, artwork, carpentry, animation, electronic and mechanical design, and game design of the machine. Truly, the design of pinball machines is an important factor for the pinball game to be appreciated by people. Like how the aesthetics of a plate seemingly affect the taste of food on it, the machine design can influence the overall gaming experience of a pinball player.

Today, there are tons of various pinball machine designs that range from classic styles to out-of-the box designs, suiting different tastes of people. There are even pinball machine designs inspired by famous movies, TV series or celebrities to cater to a certain fandom. With the number of different designs made, pinball machines have become items for collection for some people– some pinball enthusiasts are even willing to shell out a lot just to get the rarest or most unique pinball machines!

Knowing that hundreds of pinball machine designs are existing out there, it’s exciting to discover which of them have the weirdest, most outrageous features for a pinball machine. What’s more fascinating about these odd pinball machines would be the stories behind their designs. Surely, pinball lovers would love to learn about them and try them all!

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