Facebook! Who doesn’t know this name? The most amazing social website ever build on this planet and is been used by people for free of cost. Facebook has really grown big over the years and is now the most favorite company of any investors due to its immense user base.

Facebook has gone far better from its competitor whether its Facebook VS Google+ Plus or Facebook vs LinkedIn and is considered to be one of the best social media platform for business to grow more than what they expect from the rest of the social media online.

One of the main which we know why Facebook is such a hit as against none of its competitor is because of a simple reason that they have something in their hand which no other company has, its the User base, the user preference, the user likes and dislikes, the users taste and many more.

Following are some of the most popular quotes which Mark Zukerberg Fans has prepared to enlighten and showcase the work done by this personality for the world and gifted the world an idea that has connected all of our lives today over online.

Top 10 Wonderful & Inspiring Quotes by Mark Zukerberg Fans

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