Facebook is one of the most and best and hottest social networking platform available to the world. With over 100 Billion people already on this platform its a best platform to market everything online. Many a times, Facebook is compared with LinkedIn, you can also read more about it at Facebook VS LinkedIn as per marketing point of view.

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Speaking about the marketing part, Google+ Plus also has a definite role in getting your products sell with the help of its Dynamic Search Engine. We have also listed out some of the few comparisons and reasons why not to use Google+ Plus with Google+ Plus VS Facebook.

With the power of Facebook over its user base, its highly recommended for any of the users and marketers to grow more popularity and brand awareness on Facebook than on any of the other popular social networks, since Facebook gives over 400% Return on Investment on your advertising models.

We are going to list out some of the best Facebook Marketing guides and strategies over here in the following infographic to help you reach out to your potential customers easily.

Top 17 Best Facebook Marketing Survival Tips Online

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