What are the steps you usually follow to be more creative than the rest? As of what i know, creativity is not something which comes automatically. Or else, you can also say Exploring or doing Research is actually another name of Creativity. Creativity is not bound to happen suddenly, infact it’s an art which many people have failed to understand miserably and thus have gone into losses. Creativity comes out when we try to research for something or start exploring on a concept, this is where a new idea gets born and thus the growth of creativity initialize.

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One of the main origin where creativity starts in an individual is quality online academic education to explore more and more about everything. While another interesting thing which we have noticed in our career is that students are looking for opportunities, more than what they use to do before.

Another point here is that, Creativity also comes when people view success stories just like of Steve Jobs Success Stories videos, or How Steve made iPhone a Grand Success, or maybe the gaming king angry birds marketing success, or the inspirational Steve Jobs life lessons, or research done on Planet Mars Mission Success, and even many more. You could just find creativity anywhere.

So let’s go ahead and find some awesome creativity for our life and business and read our A to Z Startup Rocking Checklist guide and get the most out of it. So here we go with our following top 29 Ways to be more creative in life with our following information graphics

Top 29 Best Ways to Stay Creative in Life Inspirational

Source: Islam Abudaoud

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  1. I think that this list of 29 ignores the most obvious and essential component: ‘Be observant’. I have always taught for the last 45 years that even before being innovative on should be capable of observing a situation, analysing it and being able to suggest a number of possibly crazy ideas. I then encourage my students to refine the 6 crazy ideas down to 3 possible ideas. And then evaluate each until one realistic solution evolves. That is being CREATIVE!

    Best Wishes,
    Ray T

  2. Thanks for this absolutely insightful infographic. Came across your site via Pinterest :)

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