It always happens with many, that in the morning you get up with list of things to be done in your entire day and at the end of the day, you mess up with doing almost equal to nothing. But have you ever imagined where does the time goes? According to our quick research we have done, found out that most blame can be put on the 3 common culprits which we come across in our day to day life.

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Below is a list of things which everyone has to keep themselves away to not get addicted to them, includes


  • Research shows, an average employee checks t email account atleast 36 times per hour.
  • Once we checkout the emails, it takes almost 16 minutes to re-shift our focus back to work.
  • Our Mindset almost breaks while checking constant emails, which makes the entire project to suffer.


  • Each employees almost attend 63 meeting in the entire month, every month.
  • While interestingly, half of these are actually considered to be waste of time.
  • The salary cost of these unnecessary meetings goes upto $37 billion cash.


  • An average employee experiences 56 interruptions per day.
  • While on a note, these interruptions includes 80% trivial.
  • Each employee almost spend two hours per day to recover from these distractions.

While, these are some of the Success mantra in not wasting your time and getting back to work to make Business more successful. At the end of it, we usually see just 60% of the time been spend on productivity hours, which is less according to organization point of view.

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Top 3 Most Common ways Employees waste Time in Office