In this modern day, you cannot underestimate the power of the search engine. If you want to find out anything, from your local fast food to the global economy, odds are that you’ll turn to a search engine to filter through and find the information you need. Not only is it a digital encyclopedia, it’s a modern take on the switchboard phones -the search engine is the operator, connecting the potential customer or client with the website that they need. For the search engine to have your website correctly filed, and then to facilitate traffic to your website, you must have a powerful SEO strategy, or search engine optimization.

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This is the practice of optimizing your page alongside the search engines algorithms, to ensure it ranks higher and is seen above the competition, and you get more people interested in your service or product. In the past, it has been a matter of heaping piles of keywords into your website, so that when the online user searched your niche your website would be offered, regardless of the quality of your content, product, or service. Now, search engines have refined their algorithms to compliment the user experience, and have become more intuitive to what the user is looking for.

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The new algorithms don’t rely on frequency of keywords –in fact, this can now make your webpage seem disreputable and may cause you to rank lower. Instead, the search engines rank the websites based on the use of quality keywords in fresh and exciting content, on a website that has trusted backlinks.

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All of this means that your SEO strategy has to be more powerful and structured than ever before, both on-page and off-page, so that your digital presence doesn’t get left behind as the rest of the digital world surges on- so if you haven’t given your SEO strategy a second thought in 2016 (or ever!), then you could be cutting yourself off from some significant returns!

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Fortunately for you, a team of highly-skilled digital marketing experts have come together, and created a handy infographic, clearly and easily guiding you through all the essentials on what to incorporate into your SEO strategy this year. With tips on keywords and content, as well as backlinks and meta-descriptions, this tool will help you to design a search engine optimization strategy, and even gives you all the online tools that will help you better understand your results, so you can further tailor your strategy and increase your rankings.

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