As we are now entering into summer season, we thought of sharing some of the most unlikely sporting heroes of the world. Who doesn’t like to be a sporty person? Everyone does and this we bring you some of the best and top sporting heroes of the world.

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Here are some of the following top sporting heroes of the world.

  • Eric “The eel” Moussambani – Swimming Pool of 2000 Sydney Olympics
  • Andy Fordham – 2004 The World Champion
  • Bill Werbeniuk – 1980 Snooker Champion
  • Steven Bradbury – Fastest Scater
  • Tomas Brolin – 1988 Best English Premium League Player
  • Eddie “The Eagle” – Sky Jump 1988 Olympics Medalist

Do checkout them in the following information graphics and do let us know your comments.

Top 6 Most Unlikely Sporting Heroes in the World

Source: Sporting

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