While holiday shopping is coming and going, how many consumers are purchasing their gifts online? The answer is probably an astounding number compared to past years. As technology advances, it is becoming more and more easy and convenient to purchase products online, no matter where you are or how much time you have. As consumers move away from physical brick and mortar stores and more towards browsing and shopping online from the comfort of their own home, cyber criminals are taking advantage.

Cyber criminals have plenty of different ways to deceive consumers into giving away their personal information (usernames and passwords, credit card information, driver’s license numbers, Social Security numbers, etc.). Attackers can send phishing emails that look just like a receipt from a legitimate retailer. These emails would have a link or attachment that when clicked or downloaded, would prove malicious.

A malware could be unknowingly downloaded onto the consumer’s device, logging every credential or other sensitive data entered into a field from that point on (it could stay on the device for the duration of that device’s life – not just until the holiday season is over). A link could bring a consumer to a website that looks identical to a legitimate retailer’s site, but is really in the control of the cyber criminal. Any information entered into that website would then be in the hands of the attacker.

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These two examples are just a fraction of the possible methods a cyber criminal may take in order to steal consumer sensitive data. During this busy holiday shopping season, the bad guys are working overtime. They know the traffic at retailer websites is through the roof, and want to take full advantage in order to steak the most information. This is why it is crucial to understand the risks you are taking and be aware of valuable tips to keep your most important information safe from criminals.

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