Social Media is a continually changing landscape. We’ve all seen it: there are hits, misses and networks/apps forecast to be the “next big thing” every year. It can be a daunting task to keep up with everything, but it’s completely necessary to understand which social mediums are going to work for you and to anticipate which changes and trends there may be to the social sphere. You should also read out 50 reasons to use infographic to do marketing.

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This infographic really takes a look at the changes in social media and offers predictions for what may be relevant in 2014. Obviously, you can’t predict everything, but given the industry these are surefire changes and trends in technology that are going to be huge moving forward. From native social ads to employee use, to video content and to even Google glass, vine and beyond – the future is bright for social technology.

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These predictions will be sure to help you when crafting your social media plan or strategy in 2014. It’s important to understand that social media is no longer just a passing thing or something that your boss may not be aware about. Employee interaction and a very social savvy staff are going to be cornerstones and trends of social strategy this year.

Top Social Media Platforms

  • Twitter
  • Instagram

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Be sure to take all these things into account and remember – social strategy is so much more than just using networks and posting. That may be part of it, but it only scratches the surface on what’s involved with social media. True social strategy is all about understanding different networks, anticipating change and accepting trends and using which networks are going to most accurately address your business needs and goals. Knowing this will help you understand changes to social media and how to properly craft your strategy.

Top 7 Social Media Predictions Changing World in 2014