There are times when businesses have to hold their corporate events while juggling other matters. Sometimes, they simply cannot do the event planning on their own because of the great deal of tasks that they are handling. In situations like this, it is best to opt for professional events management team to take care of your events. Some businesses, however, still attempt to organize the event themselves.

Integrating Technology to Corporate Events

For overloaded businesses, finding a valuable platform to plan their corporate events easily is a must. Integrating technology to their event planning can help spare them so much time and money–with just few swipes and taps on screens, they can create event invitations and promote their event on the go. Especially when faced with time constraints, they require assistance from technology. By technology, the first device that comes to mind when talking about “anytime, anywhere” convenience is a smartphone.

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It’s a fact that smartphones have made living a whole lot easier than it was before. Want to entertain yourself while stuck in traffic? Just search for funny videos on your phone and you’ll find tons. Need to share an important photo with someone? Take a snap through your phone and send the photo in an instant. Looking for updates about a much-anticipated basketball game that you’ve missed? As soon as you log in to your social media, you’ll see those updates showing up everywhere. Indeed, smartphones have changed the course of people’s lifestyle–almost everything is just a tap away.

Earlier this year, Manila Bulletin reported that 80% of Filipinos rely on their smartphones for news and updates, so it’s important for them to have their smartphones on their hand all the time. It’s totally understandable–smartphones truly have so much to offer with its thousands of mobile apps available that make various matters less difficult for people. Hence, almost everyone depends on to smartphones for help whenever and wherever they need it. Even companies trust their affairs on mobile apps.

The Role of Mobile Apps in Event Planning

In event planning and managing, everything must be organized and there should always be a good communication within the events management team. Because of that, the advantage of smartphones is warranted. Thanks to mobile apps, event management agencies are now able to send out event invitations, manage deadlines and share their documents, promote the event, hear the guests’ feedbacks, and make payments–all in one device. They can finally create a meaningful event without fuss.

Anyone who tried managing corporate events knows the convenience that smartphones bring to event management tasks. Corporate events vary from small events such as meetings, conferences, or holiday parties to big ones such as conventions. Compared to other types of events, corporate events require more meticulous management because such events can be a reflection of the sponsoring company. Therefore, the event management demands the backing of high-technology such as mobile apps to help them.

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Whether you are a business trying to organize a corporate event on your own or an event manager who just needs help, this infographic is for you. Make your event planning and execution a breeze with top 10 mobile apps most commonly used for corporate events presented in this infographic.

Top 9 Mobile Apps commonly used for Corporate Events