E commerce shopping has become the trend these days. Not only is it more convenient it also has many savings offers. From clothes, to books to everything can be bought online no days. The timely delivery policy and the easy returns have just added extra brownie points to online shopping. People are now relying on online products hence there is a increase in online shopping. When it comes to shop online for how can we not browse through to the two game changers of online shopping; Amazon and Ebay. Both these came from the USA to help us shop online.


Amazon originally entered the marketplace with books, since then it has expanded to provide much more to India and beyond. People can now explore and purchase from a huge selection of films, television programs, apparel, electronics, and much more. A name that has grown to become appreciated internationally, Amazon is always adding new products to its store on a daily basis, making it easier than ever to find even some of the most unusual and demanding products.

If you’re not yet well-known with shopping on Amazon, you may doubt what differentiates the experience from shopping anywhere else. When you shop with Amazon, you have the security of knowing that you are purchasing from a company that is committed to quality and will never compromise on it. Amazon offers 100% purchase protection so that you have the assurance of knowing that you will have a secure and reliable shopping experience.

For those looking for a truly flexible and suitable shopping experience, Amazon offers an app and also provides a variety of payment options to choose from. The Amazon App is available for iOS, Android, and Windows and can be downloaded from their respective app stores. Unlike other shopping apps, the Amazon app provides you with access to the store’s entire selection, allowing you to shop for anything you need in any location.

Another benefit to shopping at Amazon is that many of the items are listed at prices that are much lower than the usual retail price in some of the most popular stores in India. When you combine these already discounted prices with an Amazon promotional code, you have the potential to take advantage of great savings.


One of the largest online shopping gateways in the word, eBay has been a conqueror of online shopping as it made, possible to offer customers products from various sellers in various countries, so the range of products have access to is unlimited. EBay India has more than 2 million live products every day, and is home to a varied community of sellers and traders from all over the world.

Product class are available to anyone without having to go through eBay sign in, and they include laptops and tablets, mobile phones and accessories, home living, entertainment, jewellery, cameras, furniture, baby items, and so much more. By getting access to some of the most cutthroat prices for eBay online shopping, you can get an interactive and fun shopping experience even if you are shopping on a budget. This works effortlessly on both desktops and mobiles.
One of the best reasons to make eBay your one-stop shop for all your online purchases needs is the incredible group of sellers, traders, and buyers’ available under one roof. With eBay news and updates, you can get announcements about any new products and you can post questions on the website to get an answer to your problems in subsections, group sections, and much more. Besides the answers you can get from the online community, you can also ask for help from the very helpful customer service team is available 24/7 to answer all your queries.

PayPal is the highly preferred payment for most eBay sellers, which means that every order you place on the left side comes with a money protection guarantee offered by the massive online payment processor.You can also choose to pay via your credit or debit card, but you need to make sure that the seller you are using accepts those forms of payment.

It is also possible to pay using eBay partner MobiKwik and they sometimes have special promo codes that only work when using MobiKwik. The same goes for their partner PayTM which also sometimes offers an exclusive eBay discount.