A debate recently broke out in our office over what the most common city name was in the United States. Some said Springfield, some said Georgetown, but no one could be sure. That is until of course we went to the Internet for the answer.

If you had to guess, what do you think the most common name is? After some research, we were surprised to find what the actual winner was, and just how many times it appeared across the country (32!)

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In order to get a clearer picture of what these names were and where they appeared in the United States, we gathered the data and mapped out where each and every one of them are, including towns, villages, CDPs and boroughs. This became even more interesting when we discovered that many of them appear more than once in a state, up to eight times in some cases!

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Now we should mention that if you do a search of your own, you will more than likely come across the Wikipedia page on most common city names where we got our data. You’ll notice that on that page it says that the winner actually appears in every state, giving it a grand total of 50 locations.

The reason for this is we only plotted the places that we could find on Google Maps. If we couldn’t find it on the map, then we couldn’t associate where to put it on the map right? We did our best though and I think the result turned out pretty great.

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Take a look at the following infographic of our list of the 10 most commonly used city names in the United States and see if where you live made the cut, and if so maybe consider moving to a town that’s a little more unique (just kidding).

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