Creating Blogs which are popular and are useful for the entire generation is one of the most vital thing in this world. But being a blogger myself, i know how much it is to create a community with so many bloggers with you joining the discussion on your blog. Also there are so many things to consider before launching up a blog which we want to be excellent in future.

There are so many thing to look at which includes what to blog on, selecting the appropriate Niche, Marketing strategies, Promotion methods and tactics to do and much more. So over here, we assume that you know the basic part of Blogging industry, if not then you can redirect to Crunchynow which we have created extensively for Blogging Purpose.

Whatever you do, but at the end of the day, it is the Promotion methods which will make your blog a hit. Basically, if you use more images then you can reach to many people, since Images and videos are the best way to get Votes Online. Following is an infographic which will depict what’s going on in the Minds of bloggers all the time. Being a blogger myself, i know how much thinking is been produced in the minds.

So What kind of a blogger are you? Do share your blogging niche with us and the most favorite thing you do for blogging with us in the commenting section.

What does the Brain of a Blogger thinks all Time? [Infographic]

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