So here we are with another pretty cool infographic stating Lucky and Unlucky Numbers around the world. There are possibly some numbers around the world which are definitely not so good for some countries and it could be even you for that matter.

By the way, i am not very superstitious although, but i would definitely not willing to try out things which would bring bad luck to me. Believe or not, the Number 7 is considered to be luckiest for most countries including UK, France, and the Netherlands. However, sometime people do refer this number 7 with lot of things like 7 wonders of the ancient world as well as the 7 planets of the ancient world and many others like this.

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While another number which is having a great mark is Number 3, and even the saying goes like this “all good things come in threes”. Similarly lot of things like this are referenced by the number 3 example like a triangle and many more.

Find out what people and statistics says about the Numbers about you. You would be definitely amazed with the information graphic shown below.

What is your Lucky & Unlucky Numbers for Life?

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