Men looking to buy a diamond ring for the woman of their dreams are faced with a tough task.  There are a numerous variations that need to be considered such as the cut, clarity, color and carat value as well as shape and provenance of the diamond.  Furthermore a decision must be made between a choice of ring metals which includes platinum and yellow and white gold.  Thankfully All Infographics have released an information graphic outlining what men need to know when buying a diamond ring to outline some of the aspects that should be considered.

Choosing the right precious metal can turn a great ring into the perfect ring. Take a look at her jewellery collection to see what she usually wears.  White gold, with a 50% share of newly sold diamond rings is the leader, followed by Platinum with a 40% share ahead of yellow gold.

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When it comes to the shape of the actual diamond there are a wide selection of options to chose from.  These include the classic circular “round”, “princess”, “marquis”, “asscher” and “pear”.   Carat refers to the weight of a diamond with 1ct equivalent to 0.2 gram, and provides a measure to compare diamonds of different shapes.  Most of the rings sold by jewelers will be one carat or below, with higher carat diamonds attracting a price premium.

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Diamonds are also graded by color on an alphabetical scale from D to Z which spans from colorless, through near colorless to light yellow.  The most sought after and expensive diamonds are colorless.

Finally a decision must also be made on cost.  If the jewellery is to be given as an engagement ring the traditional spend should be at least one month’s salary but because of all the variants, there is something available to suit any budget. With Valentine’s day fast approaching any men looking to propose should start researching now!

What Men need to know when Buying Diamond Ring for Women?