Years have gone on finding the solution on what women actually needs in their life. While most of them don’t know the fact that women also do have feelings and this is what they search on various dating sites.

However, most of the women always tries to find some guys who are always interested in some kind of serious relationship while starting a new relation. According to the research done, it shows that 40% of the women always needs men who are always serious about their relationship.

While one of the most interesting things which nobody have noted yet is that women always prefer men who are employed. An approximate of 39% of women think that men should always be employed before entering into a relation. However, the main point to look out here is that out of 39% women, over 32% of women always prefer men who are self employed, which means indirectly women prefer men who are having their own Startup Business, which could give them endless profits in the later part of their life.

Also one of the most sensational thing to note here is that Women always prefer men who are genuinely Single always in their life. So what kind of men are you looking for in your life? Do put up some of your views on what are the qualities do women look for when searching for perfect men with us in the commenting section.

What Most Women wants to find and Search for on Dating Sites

Source: Free Dating