Find out what women really want this Christmas from their partners and loved ones! Moda in Pelle’s recent Christmas infographic aims to solve this mystery and provide hot tips for men on how they can dig out their girlfriends’ or partners’ wishlists!

The infographic also offers an insight into how much Christmas is costing British people and what the majority of money is spent on, in preparation for the holiday. Figures for 2012 are compared with 2011’s numbers to illustrate a slight drop in overall expenditure – a further sign of the tough economic climate impacting on the spending of consumers.

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Online shopping is on the increase in the UK, stats from Cyber Monday reported the completion of 78 transactions per second on online retailers’ websites. A whopping 2.3 billion visits to online shopping platforms were registered in 2012. Due to the increased popularity of online shopping, 12% of the total estimated numbers of online users in the UK have been using the Internet for personal online shopping during working office hours.

But what are people actually buying online? The most popular gift for women in 2011 seems to have been tablets and E-readers. As expected, the number of online purchases of this gadget has been increasing in 2012 too.

Nevertheless, women are receiving a large number of other gifts which, according to our research, are un-wanted gifts which often end up either returned or at the back of the wardrobes. This is blamed on a lack of understanding and communication between men and their partners, leading to the purchase of undesirable or unnecessary gifts. If you are looking for a gift for the lady in your life and do not want to make the same mistake, study this info graphic and buy your partner a present that will really bring her joy.

what women want on Christmas from their Partners and loved ones