For years, United States has always been the number one buyer for new cars. Beating any country is just a matter of time for the U.S. But lately, the Chinese seems to conquer the Cars market in buying most of the new Cars. With several billion people, it’s really not a surprise that they outpace the U.S. in individual car purchases. It’s just a change from only a few years ago, when the average Chinese worker couldn’t afford car ownership.

According to the stats, the Chinese bought close to more than 18,350,000 new vehicles in 2011. This reflects a growing trend toward car ownership that may continue if the Chinese economy continues to expand at a rapid rate. Although the Chinese tend to favor vehicles made in China, American and Japanese automakers sold many of these cars.

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Americans bought 12,775.000 new vehicles. This isn’t surprising since Americans tend to live in areas where car travel is essential to daily life. Brazil, the largest South American country, continues to increase the number of individual vehicles. It came in third in new purchases for 2011 with some 3.4 million. Interestingly you might also like to watch how cars evolved over the years from its various models.

Germany, a country known for the high-speed Autobahn, is also a country known for its train and bus services. Yet it remains number four on the list with some 3.1 million new vehicle purchases. With 2,689,000 in new vehicle purchases, the Japanese bought slightly more than the Russians and the French.

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