Just as everyone believe that Apple’s iPhone came first in the race before than that of the Android Phone. While everyone knows that iPhone belongs to Apple, and Android belongs to the only most Powerful King of the World, Google. While there was something funny and serious happen with Apple owner Steve Jobs which made him to enter into the Mobile market.

Below is an awesome infographics from the world of Mobile Platform, since we think Mobile is going to be the next Platform on which everyone would love to do their work very soon. While you might also remember, that Apple had already took the entire market all over the world but lately now, it seem like Google’s Android is doing and capturing a hell lot of customers.

About all stuffs, which everyone might have seen clearly is that now almost all Phone are engaging their activity with the Google’s Android to get into the market, and a result to this, now Google has seamlessly got into the market and has acquired more than 51% of the Share of Mobile market.

And lastly, the main important thing above all is that, people are actually building up more and more Android Apps than iOS Apps. The main reason behind these, is clearly that Google has made it more simple to implement Android Apps with minimal knowledge as well. So let us know what you think would be the best Mobile Platform in the upcoming years? Also let us know what kind of apps you are looking forward to your Mobile Phones.

Which Mobile Platform you Prefer Using: iPhone or Android?

Source: Apple Gazette