Education is one of the hottest growing industry over the world. We all know how big is this industry and with the fact that most people are learning their stuffs from online, this is definitely going to be one of the biggest market in the world.

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For folks, those who are interested in getting their knowledge even more better, i would definitely recommend studying over online education. An important question to ask over here is whether you should go for University diploma education or self learning education.

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Some of the expenses you might be incurring apart from your education

  • Health Fees
  • Books
  • Computer
  • Clothing & Services
  • Booze
  • Auto Costs
  • Sporting Events

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Best Paying Degrees

  • Geology
  • Nursing
  • Public Health
  • Business Administration
  • Biology
  • Medicine
  • Business
  • Physical therapy
  • Economics
  • Civil Engineering

Which Niche gives better Return Of Investment on Education?

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