This Competition will grow and become more stronger in the world of Smartphone OS. While iOS is already having a great dominance in the entire world with the help of Apple Gadgets which are famous in the entire world giving tough competition to Google’s Android model which is not just fantastic but also used in most of the Smartphone is today’s world.

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While, most of the time the Security is the only factor which is the main prior issue of these Operating Systems. Today we have got an awesome infographic on comparison of Android and iOS with regards to their advantages and their weaknesses. Today more and more developers are trying to develop their application on both platforms which will provide them with more knowledge and more productivity on both Android and iOS.

ComparisonMost Popular Apps & App Store

However, both OS have their own features and disadvantages of their own product, but there are lot of difference if you take a close look on it. Do take a look at the following and you will be really amazed with the statistics. So What Smartphone you use on your phone and tablet, is it Android or iOS? Do share your views on which one you like the most out of two with us in the commenting section.

Who Wins War of Smartphone and Tablet OS: Android vs IOS

Source: Veracode