What do you think when is the content marketing required? When it comes to doing SEO for a website, everyone knows that content plays one of the most important role. While one more thing which not many knows till now is that Social media accounts for over 50% now in Search Engines.

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As most of the head spam of major search engines have been repeatedly telling that quality content has always been one of the most important key to search engine rankings. Therefore we bring you a beautiful and important information graphic to show you the importance of content marketing and social marketing for search engines.

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Search Engines has always played a big role in every business sales and conversion. It is because of this, that many business are getting their sales over online. Internet is a field which has lots and lots of scope and your business could also brings out lot of sales and conversion.

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So go out with the following infographic and checkout why content is always important for doing SEO.

Why Content for SEO & Role of Social Media in Search Engine

Source: Search Engine Optimization