Mobile and Tablets are going to be next generation gadget for humans all around the world. With over 5.3 billion subscribers around the world for just Mobile, this industry is definitely having a good scope and future ahead. Not just this, this also means that over 77% of world population are actually using mobile in their day to day life.

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We carried out a good research to find out about the mobile market and found out that over 73% of people are from emerging counties. Yet Mobile advertising hasn’t begun properly yet. The mobile world has brought huge opportunities for business to grow more with the powerful advertising options.

Some of the most interesting stats which we are going to reveal here includes most users coming online from mobile. Not just this, over 70% of internet population are especially from countries like Egypt, 59% in India, 57% in South Africa, 50% in Ghana and 44% in Indonesia, getting onto internet via their Mobile itself.

Following is an awesome information graphic posted to review the seen of Mobile Advertising market and how you can take this market to be one of your top most earning potential. So check on to the graphic below and do leave your valuable comments to us.

Why Mobile Advertising is Future Emerging Market Opportunity

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