Today is World Population Day and on this day, we would like everyone to know the day with their dreams and life with friends and families. Since not everyone is able to achieve their dreams. Also you might not know but the world is already touched the population to 7 Billions which is also going to cross 9.3 Billion in the next 4 years as well.

I am sure these numbers are really great and exciting for you, but if you take a close look on each and every continent then you would probably know that still U.S. is the preferred destination for people to live in the entire world. However, even till today, Asia is the only Biggest and Safest Continent to live in this world and that of China accounts for the 1st position in having the world’s biggest population.

While India comes second in the race and surprisingly U.S. comes third in the top population countries. However, one of the best thing which we have noticed in this world is that Humans have lived so calm with each other and they are trying to maintain Peace and harmony with each other so that every nation can survive in the world and make this Earth a better place to live in.

Take a look at the following information graphics and Do share your views on how you are going to make this Earth a better place to live in? Also do let us know how you spend the World Population Day, either with friends, or families or with spouse.

Counting World's Population in Just 5 Minutes: World Population Day

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