Our Earth is basically a Magical Earth where we have been living now for more than 100 Centuries. While one of the most interesting things to take a look on World Population Day is that in Past 60 years, there has been really a quick growth in the population in the world. Also it is expected that the population is about to grow more than double speed in the next 40 years.

Just as how i was wondering how beautifully Humans have maintained the earth by living with each other in peace and harmony after the World War II. The Population is currently pitching more than 7 Billion today as according the the Population Counter Stats.

However, still according to our stats, Asia is the still the Biggest Continent in the entire world with more than 60% of the world’s population which almost exactly comes from China and India in all forms. While still the best city to Live in for is still the U.S. for which we are happy to the core. Interestingly, it is so awesome to see how people of the Earth are extremely intelligent in living together and finding all possible solution for all kinds of problems.

So let us know more about in Which Continent would you like to live forever? Also let us know which country is going to be one of the best place to live in with your friends and family.


Source: Population Growth