China has been one of the most and tremendous Country in the entire world. With the rapid speed and improvement in technology, everyone today knew that they are almost the best in every areas of their expertise. Today in every 1 in 5 Internet Users are from China, that would be equally half a billion people. Moreover, one of the fantastic thing is that the growth was started back in 2007 and even till today there are actually no signs of stopping of pause.

While you might wonder but Chinese Spend almost the same time as their U.S. counterparts, but they always research and surf on other topics unlike on Instant messaging apps, etc. While Chinese users mostly search for web “portals”, along with “research”. However, there has also been quick improvement in the eCommerce market where Chine is predicted to be one of the largest eCommerce market by the year 2015.

We have done Good Research in the Online Marketing Strategies and found that the Chines has one of the most useful and tremendous growth in their techniques in the market. While Chinese also brought for then a personalized Search Engine as well called “Baidu” which ranks among the top 10 website in terms of Visitors and Page-views.

This is really a bigger achievement for all the Chinese people. Do let us know what you think upon the Chinese growth and improvement in their technologies? Also let us know in future on what technology and product will the Chine gets an ability to grow more.

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Source: Statista