Modern technology has created a truly global marketplace, open to anyone with a computer, smartphone or tablet and an internet connection. No longer are retailers limited by geography, able to sell only to those who happen to call into their store – now they can market their goods and products to anyone who knows where to look!

The result is that more and more goods are being sent in the post or via couriers, not just around the UK, but all around the world, and that in turn means that ever more sophisticated and reliable packaging is required to ensure those goods reach their destinations in one piece.

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Packaging supplies company has over 7000 packaging products available through its website, most of them held in stock at its Derby warehouse, so they can be dispatched the same day an order is placed, with delivery usually made on the very next working day. That allows its customers to react quickly to fresh orders and changing demand, with a breadth of choice to suit all kinds of business.

We probably the biggest range of in-stock cardboard boxes, mailing bags and postal boxes available online in the UK. It also offers a comprehensive range of specialized protective packaging solutions, designed to transport safely everything from sensitive electronic components to fragile glassware.

However, it doesn’t only specialize in providing the kind of packaging needed by modern business, it also ensures its customers are always getting the best value and the most effective options available. Our customers can always be sure they will get expert advice they can rely on, and with guaranteed low prices, generous quantity discounts and friendly customer service, it’s no wonder we are consistently rated as the best in the business on independent review site Trustpilot.

This A-Z infographic has been designed to highlight the breadth of the range of products available in a fun and friendly way. From Air cushion packaging to Zip lock bags, it demonstrates that we can solve all your packaging problems – unless, of course, you insist on a solution that begins with the letter X.

A to Z Guide about Packaging you need to know