This infographic is about the best firearms for women.  It can be difficult for women to choose the best gun for themselves.  Is it better to have a smaller gun that shoots smaller bullets?  Or is it better to have a larger gun that has a better chance to stop a would be attacker?

With this infogrpahic we hoped to cover all those areas.  We started off with a smaller gun that shoots .22 caliber ammunition.  This is small ammunition that might not be very good at stopping an attacker.  However, this type of gun does not have much recoil, so it is easy for women to shoot.  This is a great first gun for most women because it will give them a chance to practice shooting.

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However, once women become experienced with this type of gun, they it is better for them to move up to a gun with a more powerful round, like a 9mm. The 2nd gun on the list, the S&W Shield has a 9mm round so it is more powerful and has a much greater chance of stopping the bad guys.  The shield is small, so that makes it easy to conceal, but the problem is that its light weight paired with a powerful round makes for a lot of recoil.  A female shooter will have to practice with this gun a lot in order to manage the recoil.

A better recommendation for a female shooter might be the Nighthawk Ladyhawk.  This also shoots a 9mm round but the frame is all steel, so it has much more manageable recoil.  The grip on the Ladyhawk is smaller so it can accommodate women with smaller hands. There are several other great options for women on the list.  Look it over and see which gun you think would work best for you!

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