Steve Jobs, has been one of the most inspiring entrepreneur of this century. The work done by him is always sensational, his inspiring and innovative ideas are at its best. We have also presented some of the best visual videos from the inspiring life of Apple Founder, Steve Jobs.

To Start with, we explain how Steve Jobs rules the world with its simplest Success mantra which is presented in the following video

Steve Jobs explains the rules for success

It has always been an awesome moment anyone to announce something which is a good hit. The same which Jobs did in the year 2001 where he has announced the amazing Apple Store, which has now over 50 Million Apps in it.

Steve Jobs Introduces the Apple Store (2001)

There are many other usual things which we have learned from Steve Jobs and we would like to share with you, which includes the following

What You Can Learn From Steve Jobs

Managing People has always been one of the most hectic and tiresome thing in the entire world. Not just this, when your network grows more and more, its always advisable that we take some expert advice on how to manage your entire network with some short and simple tips.

Steve Jobs talks about Managing people

While if you are also planning to become an Entrepreneur then here are some of the best advices from Jobs for all the budding and emerging entrepreneurs which would take up your Startup to a rockstar booster.

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Steve Jobs’ Advice for Entrepreneurs

This is a Special Message which we have learned from Steve is doing what we love. While many don’t watch out for this thing, but lately they realize that it was always best doing what we have always liked to do.

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The Only Way to do Great Work is to love what you do

Here we go with the sensational three stories from Steve Jobs life, do checkout the following

Steve Jobs: ‘No big deal. Just three stories from my life’

This is a Special Interview from Steve Jobs hosted on the CNBC live channel. Do checkout the following

Steve Jobs on CNBC

There are Ups and Downs in everyone’s life and as we said, it was also a part of Steve’s Life too where he was been sent out of Apple for some specific reasons, at this point of time, everyone seeks a special inspiration and YES, Jobs did find something like this

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But then later after 2 years, he made a comeback to Apple as CEO once again with the help of its innovative ideas, although many still criticized him even after coming back, but his innovation were always enough to keep him to the best

Steve Jobs interviewed just before returning to Apple

The Life Journey has been fantastic as Steve Jobs passed away, but we leave you with some of the sensational quotes from this inspiring life

10 Inspiring Steve Jobs Quotes – RIP

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10 Best Success Lessons we should learn from Steve Jobs - Visual Videos