The finance sector is known as a particularly lucrative industry and is closely associated with wealth and prestige. Recently debates have raged over whether the people in these positions are overpaid, especially when you consider that the large salaries on offer are bolstered by huge bonuses and other benefits. With the recent worldwide financial difficulties, the number of positions in the finance sector has been shrinking as large companies attempt to save money in the face of austerity and recover the former dominance of the industry before the recession.

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Within the UK, government ministers have been attempting to reign in the bonus culture and the excess enjoyed within the industry. Through this they hope to create a more responsible and sustainable business model, where less risk is taken and growth remains more stable. However, despite the government’s intervention within the sector, salaries are still high and some record bonuses have recently been given. The industry states this is due to global competition and a need to attract the best staff with salaries they deem to be justified and competitive.

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Unsurprisingly, even in the face of the limited jobs on offer, the salaries offered are still attracting large numbers of workers. Within this info graphic you will discover which of these city jobs have the highest salaries and the benefits such as bonuses, annual leave, pensions and medical cover. Additionally you will see how these financial aspects compare against the salaries and benefits of workers within the public sector.

Lastly the info graphic will look at aspects such as a comparison between the working hours and the particular mediums employees are now using to find work in the UK. Data for this info graphic and the credit for it goes to Randstad Financial & Professional, a recruitment company who carry out a range of industry surveys.

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