With the summer season well and truly over, many of us are preparing to put our caravans and motorhomes to rest during the winter months. However, getting ready for winter isn’t just as simple as turning off the engine and locking up – there are many factors you need to consider if you want your caravan to survive the winter in one piece.

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For example, you need to ensure that your entire caravan is completely drained of water, and that you’ve removed and emptied your shower hose to avoid the water that resides inside from freezing and causing damage to expensive internal pipework.

Giving your ‘van a good clean is also important. Hoovering the floor, washing down surfaces using caravan-friendly cleaning solutions, removing and cleaning all furniture and bedding, and leaving cupboards open to allow air to circulate will all help to keep your caravan fresh during the colder months of the year – nobody wants to return to a damp caravan after it’s been sat idle for several months.

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Don’t forget to thoroughly clean the fridge too, removing any old food and once again washing it with caravan-friendly products. Prop the door open once you’re done to allow ventilation which will prevent any nasty odours, mildew or mould for building up! You may find that your fridge has a little catch that’s specifically designed to keep the fridge open, but if not, you can simply use a prop (or fashion one out of anything really!) For a little extra freshness, why not leave a little dish of sodium bicarbonate or salt in it to absorb any moisture.

In order to make sure that you don’t miss a single trick when it comes to decommissioning your caravan, we’ve put together this handy checklist, which you can work your way through step-by-step! From the interior bits and pieces, to the toilet, the exterior and the water systems, all of the important tasks are listed. Trust us when we say that you’ll never want to shut up shop for the winter without this checklist again!

We’d recommend starting at the top, and working your way down so you don’t miss a single step but of course, you can do it however you like! Follow these tips and you and your car should be properly prepared to handle the harsh winter months.

10 Checklist to Prepare Your Caravan for Winter

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