Bachelor’s Degree is undoubtedly one of the most important degrees to be attained by the students all across the globe as it not only improves the knowledge but also enhances the chances of having a bright future.

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The estimate costs of bachelor’s degree in various countries across the world are different. In US a private university charges around $26,273 while the charge of the public university is $7020. In Sweden, the Bachelor’s Degree for the courses like commerce, humanities and social science would cost between US $12057 to $21100 per academic year. In China the degree for international students would be between $ 1605 to $8667. In Australia, per annum cost of the degree is around $14667 to $36669. For undergraduate students, a degree in South Africa costs around $5162 to $5500 whereas the cost in Denmark is around $7818- $20850.

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There are various private colleges in US that charge high tuition fees and among them the most expensive one is Columbia University (NY) that has tuition fees of $45,290. Next in the list is Vassar College (NY) with $44,705 tuition fees followed by Trinity College (CT) with $44,070 tuition fees. Other names in the list of most expensive tuition fees is St.John’s College(MD) with $44056, Connecticut College with $43990, Bucknell University (PA) with $43866, Brad College at Simon’s Rock (MA) , Wesleyan University (CT), Tulane University (LA) and Carnegie Mellon University (PA).

Students do their majors in various fields and some of the most expensive majors include art, photography/film studies, dentistry, architecture, medicine, law, aviation, interior design and engineering.

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There are various expensive degrees with least paying jobs as well. Philosophy is one such degree and its cost from Wesleyan University Middletown Connecticut is around $38,934 per year. Other degrees in the least are dance, leisure studies, Latin, Communications, Art history, physical education, women studies, art therapy and poetry.

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