Marketing has always been one of the most important aspects of the Online as well as the Offline world. However, its the marketing which keeps everything alive on the web. While, you might already know the fact that most website and webblogs don’t survive more because of a simple reason that they are not marketed well.

Its far better to learn from Google than from anyone else since Google is considered to be the best possible inspiration for marketing. Also if you might not then we would like to tell you, that making a brand is very important in Online Marketing. Once you make a brand and once its liked by people then you are always on the safer side that your brand will exist and work more quickly than others.

So here are we, with our most important solutions for marketing with our excellent following infographic teaching about some of the most important ways to increase marketing by making good brands.

So what would more would you suggest other than learning from Google for marketing? Do Share your story, if you have any other methods other than shown below for marketing purpose with us in the commenting section.

101 Online Marketing Tips and Strategies from Google [Infographic]