Public speaking is what makes an individual look so deceiving, convincing, trusted and powerful. This is a way to win people with flattering words and conveying the message in the most organized manner. Unfortunately, not everyone is confident enough to show off.

Many of us are too afraid to speak. For some reasons of which not everybody knows, we tend to fall back every time we are told to do so. It could even lead us more to death to speak before the crowd than encounter a car accident. It is always the hardest test for most people, the reason why we fail to acquire proper and good communication with others.

Every time we are tasked to say something, we immediately see ourselves the ‘what ifs’ the moment we deliver our words. So, we leave ourselves tongue-tied, and even become the source of laughing stock or gossips from the audience. We cram, perspire, shake, and think right away that we are attacked, then eventually we feel self-pity.

In any how, there will always be solutions to problems. If this is your weakness, give yourself a boost and see what you can do to improve your worth in public. There are ways to enhance your speech skills, and these do not happen in just one sleep. You have to work this out and do constant practice.

The dilemma is that, we are ready when we are called but when it comes to the delivery, we forget and keep saying ‘um’ more often than not. To refrain that, these tips will help you. Take these as pieces of advice or a week-long medication of healthy drugs to keep you okay and feel better. Eat up and start the exercise.

Once you follow these advices, there would be no more reason for you to become shaky in front of an assembly. Anyways, your audience do not know what you have prepared, so you have to surprise them with your thoughts, not with a nervous breakdown. By this quick and easy guide, you will earn and increase your self-esteem and value in your talks.

11 amazing ways to Stop Saying 'Um' Forever