Nowadays, Coffee is an amazing liquid refreshment to all. People think that coffee is the healthiest drink, which keeps their mind relax and active. Coffee is a boosting energizer for all. For people, drinking coffee or any caffeine is the best solution for their skin, health, fitness, mind relaxation and their happiness. Coffee is a brewed drink, which has anti-oxidants present in it. These anti-oxidants are good for human health.

Coffee is a name of pleasure. But it has many dangerous side effects as well. In this world, everything has its positive and negative sides; same coffee has as well. Everyone knows that coffee has anti-oxidants, but no one knows its harmful side effects. Coffee is dangerous for human health. It is a brewed drink, which directly effects to the heart rate of the human body. It increases the stress hormones, which create the symptoms of anxiety in the human body.
Coffee has many types; Espresso, coffee latte, cappuccino, Guillermo, sister, black, simple and many more. Every kind of coffee has dangerous side effects on human health. Coffee increases the cholesterol level in the human body which causes the different type of diseases.

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Excessive intake of coffee can make the healthy person, a patient with osteoporosis. It can also raise the risk of fragile bones. It elevates the urinary excretion of some minerals from the human body. Coffee provides pleasure for a short time but results in dangerous diseases that remain for a long time.

Now, you must be worried about your health or by the shots you have already taken. Don’t worry; you don’t need to get rid of coffee. You can take coffee for one time in a week or 2 times in a month. Many people are addicted to this brewed drink. Here are some precautions that can help you to reduce your excessive coffee intake, and can make you more healthy and perfect. Drink at least 6-8 glass of filtered water instead of taking coffee. If you feel tired, have some sound sleep instead of taking coffee.

Whenever you feel hungry, eat food instead of having massive shots of latte or cappuccino. Do a proper exercise and walk daily, it’ll keep you more active and energetic instead of coffee. If you have any problem in sleep, don’t get irritated or don’t take caffeine, it can cause anomia, take some calcium citrate 500 mg and magnesium citrate 250 mg before sleep.

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