Dropbox initially was found out with an idea where USB Storage were not enough to store and was not faster enough. Although the idea came from a very small thing, but the concept is ruling today. Dropbox was initially started off with an idea to Store data, but lately they realized that storing data is not just enough, and therefore they went on for faster retrieval of data as well.

Infact Dropbox has shown the world that there is some innovative ways as well to store the data with faster retrieving process, not just this, but they also provides sharing options. While you might wonder, but today Dropbox is one of the hottest growing industry startup, and its popular to a greater extent such that the big companies like IBM and Google are also holding their neck.

Now in the market you will get lot of Dropbox alternatives which includes

  • SugarSync
  • Dmailer Backup
  • Syncplicity
  • Sparkleshare
  • Wuala
  • Windows Live Mesh
  • SugarSync
  • LiveDrive
  • SpiderOak
  • Google Drive

Also Starting up a business is not so tough when we have already listed out the complete A to Z Business Startup Checklist for you to note down and get highly benefited. Lately, Google also got to know that Storing files and allowing sharing on cloud is definitely a great startup market and thus they also started off with Google Drive after Amazon realized the worth of Dropbox and started its own Amazon Web Services popularly known as AWS.

Do share you views on what are the common Dropbox Alternatives you use, if you are not using Dropbox? Also let us know what are the best possible features you are looking forward to in various Cloud Storage Services.

15 Reasons Why Dropbox is Best against its Alternative

Source: Performancing Blog