Are you a Fresher? Are you confused about what to put in your Resume? Sure, you can talk about your college and your academic scores… but then what else?

Here are a few tips for Freshers to make their Resumes ‘pop’.

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First and foremost, don’t lie. Honesty is always the best policy. Even if lies can get you shortlisted for an interview, a seasoned interview will be able to sniff out your lies.

Don’t pad your Resume.. don’t use large fonts or extra spaces between lines. Don’t talk about your parents and don’t list down 20 different ways to contact you, just to fill up the pages. In fact, you shouldn’t be aiming to make it 2 pages. If your CV is going to be just one page, so be it.

Go into details regarding your projects and internships. Think about it from an interviewer’s perspective. What are the questions that an interviewer might ask about your projects – List down those points in your resume. Organize those points neatly around sub-headings.

If you don’t have enough things to talk about in your CV, you can take action to earn your CV points. Organize a club or an event at your campus. Start a blog where you write about your passions. Passionate about software? Share your code on GitHub. And make sure that you take full advantage of all opportunities that Campus life provides you. Participate in Campus Fests, contests, quizzes, ToastMasters Clubs… anything and everything that goes on in Campus.

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A CV is not just a way for you to talk about yourself and your achievements. It is also a way for you to guide the interview towards areas that are your strengths. You can mention your favorite subjects, books, blogs as a way to bring up topics where you can impress the interviewer.

This is a bit of a cliche but power verbs work. They grab the Recruiter’s eye, especially when bolded in your CV. Also use numbers frequently while talking about your achievements. A wall of text is boring to read and you don’t want the Recruiter’s eyes to glaze over your Resume.

There is no fixed order to a CV. Put your best foot forwards, by talking about your strengths first. Most recruiters will only read the first few paragraphs of your resume before moving on, so you need to make sure that you are grabbing their attention quickly.

The little details do matter. Make sure that there are no grammatical mistakes. Ask your friends and family to review it once. Tweak your Resume if needed to make it more suited for the organization you are applying for.

If you are using a signature statement (which is not really recommended), make sure you personalize it. A standard signature statement like “I guarantee that everything said here is true to the best of my knowledge…” is boring and simply eats up space.

Finally, be prepared to field any question on any topic you have mentioned in your Resume.

All the best with your career!

19 Tips for Freshers to improve their Resumes