The Summer Olympics is going to witness one of the Royal event this year in London Olympics 2012. And we are sure of attending the event infact we will also showcase some of the pictures of the event live on our site which will give you an awesome and home experience of watching the Olympics. While you can also get the complete A to Z Sporting action Guide of London Olympics from the following link

Link: London 2012 Olympics – Complete Sporting Action Guide

However, there are several sports in this year Olympics but there are some Sporting action which we won’t be able to watch out. I am sure to a crazy Olympics fans like us, it would be good if we won’t be able to watch out for some of the most entertaining sporting events and this includes the following briefly described in a list

Link: 50 Events You Won’t See At London Olympic 2012

But before starting with more on the London Olympics, i think we should get the entire list of events along with their schedule for Olympics so that it would be easy for us to remember as well as enjoy our favorite sporting action as and when we want. You can follow the link to get the complete Schedule list for London Olympics

Link: London 2012 Olympics Event Complete Schedule List

Along with this, the best thing which the Olympics committee has done is by bringing in the Social Media in accordance with the event so that more and more people can watch out the Complete Opening Ceremony along with the Live Event and all the sporting action on their Facebook as well as Twitter itself.

20 Best Infographics on London Olympics 2012 Complete Guide

Link: How to Watch London Olympics Live Coverage on Social Media

Not just this, In support of various others, Twitter has also come into play and has offered for its official twitter Applications so that user can watch out the Live Olympics Event along with the entire Olympics. So just view the following link for more information on how you can watch the entire Olympics Live on Twitter.

Link: How to Watch London Olympics 2012 Live on Twitter

As an when the News about Olympics has started spreading, people have started out to develop some beautiful apps, which the consumers can enjoy for variety of their purpose. Alternatively, people has also developed some of the smart Apps for both Smartphone and Tablet which people can use it for almost everything starting from finding food to checking into hotels and lots of other things too. So quickly find out what are the cool apps which you can use to lift yourself forward to Olympics.

Link: Top Best Apps for London Olympics Live Event Coverage

While there are several ways to watch out for Olympics event which includes a big list of Televisions, Tablet, Smartphone and obviously my favorite iPad too. However, based on our extensive research we found out that over 31% of the People are going to stick to their iPad’s in watching the London Olympics which also means that the rest of the people are either going to watch Online or with the help of Smartphone or finally their Tablet. You can also choose the best way to watch out High Quality Olympics HD Live with the help of our following small guide.

Link: How Will You Watch Olympics Live – Find out the Best Way

The Olympics history has infact given us more choices and happiness in the past which also includes our list of some of the Consistent countries which are always getting into the top positions as and when Olympics happen.

Link: Countries with Most Medals ever in Olympics Live History

As far the event is going good, its always gonna be a rocking one. But we have also found that there are some minor possibilities of Rain affecting the mood of Olympics this year which could result out in possible outrage for all fans since most of the event would be affected if that happen. Follow the following link to see what our Research Says on how rain can affect this year’s Olympics.

Link: What are the Possibilities of Rain during London Olympics?

After a quick research done by us, we have found that there are lot of Facts about the London Olympics holding this time. One of which is the most important one which says that London is the only country till now which is going to witness the Modern Olympics 3rd time. Similarly, there are lots of fun and facts hidden in this year’s Olympics which no one knows, follow the link to find out what more Secrets does London Olympics

Link: Interesting Facts about London Olympics Sporting Events

While, one of the most interesting thing which you might note is that the countries which host the Olympics are the one who always comes to the Top of the Medals tally list. If you don’t believe then let us show you some live examples which includes the Previous year Olympics 2008 which was hosted by China and ultimately China resulted to be the top winners for Medals. Not just this, but the Olympics 2004 which was hosted in Sydney came out to be a successful ending for Australia which ranked Number 1# in the Medals position. We have several more examples such like this and to view all the examples, just follow the link and you will find that the country which host Olympics always rank Number 1# at the end of the event.

Link: How Olympics Hosting City always Wins More Medals

Apart from this, we have also gathered some of the beautiful Presentations which consist of various slideshows for Olympics Event which will be very helpful in knowing some of the funny things happened in Previous Years of Olympics. Do check out at the following link

Link: Quick Slides on Olympics Games – Funny Fast Facts

At the end of the day, if you are bored watching the same game again and again then we have also made arrangement of some cool and freaking stuffs to do out in London along with watching Olympics event which includes the following which we have prepared in the list.

Link: 12 Amazing Things to do Apart from at London Olympics

So what more we can say, Have Good Day enjoying your life with the Olympics this year with your friends and families. Stay Tune and do subscribe to our Newsletter for All Infographics to stay connected to the latest Olympics Events.