Around us, we see a lot of people opting for odd and unusual jobs. Ever wondered what makes these people pick these kinds of no-regular jobs? Well it could be either to fulfill their passion or to make some quick money. So what exactly are these jobs and which of these jobs can help earn the maximum money? Well here is an infographic talking about the 25 best jobs which make good bucks.

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A shot girl is considered to be one professional who makes the maximum money by doing the odd job of preparing test tube sized tequila shots. She earns somewhere around $300 to $600 per night. Working on a submarine in Australia as a senior cook can fetch a person $200000 per year and thus this is another really high paying odd job. A pearl diver too is another person who has a really risky yet high paying job. In fact even an oil and gas diver can earn somewhere around $80000 per year. Another really offbeat job which pays quite a lot is that of an airplane repo man.

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A bounty hunter is a person who catches those prisoners who have skipped bail and has the capacity of earning generous amount of money. Voice over artists earn about $80000 per year and are also on the list of those people who earn good money through odd jobs. Other such jobs include that of a lipstick reader, human scarecrow, human statue, sperm or egg donor, focus group participant, mystery shopper and movie or television extra.

These high paying jobs includes the following list

  • Shot Girl
  • Submarine Cook
  • Pearl Diver
  • Oil & Gas Driver
  • Airplane Repo Man
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Voice-Over Work
  • Lipstick Reader
  • Human Statue
  • Human Scarecrow
  • Focus Group Participant
  • Sperm or Egg Donor
  • Mystery Shopper
  • Movie or Television Extra
  • Live Mannequin
  • Body Advertiser
  • Crab Fisherman
  • Crime Scene Cleaner
  • Embalmer
  • Luxury House Sitter
  • TV Watcher
  • Waterslide Tester
  • Elevator Mechanic
  • Trash Collector
  • Toy Creator

Even becoming a live mannequin can fetch as much as $50 per year, making it an offbeat yet high earning proposition. Even a crab fisher, crime scene cleaner, TV watcher, embalmer, waterslide tester and elevator mechanics earn a lot of money doing non –regular jobs. Some other jobs on this list are trash collector, toy creator and luxury house sitter.

25 Odd & High Paying Jobs Making Good Money