The Apple iPhone 5 is on its way to make a million sales on the very first day as expected from the official sources. While this turnout is quote possible with the emergence, that millions of people are waiting for the next generation iPhone to arrive. Today in the following information graphics we will show you why you should upgrade your Mobile to the latest Apple iPhone 5.

There has been already numerous rumors of Apple iPhone 5 Specifications which is one of the main reason why most of the people are excited to see it as early as possible. Bringing out people excitement and then giving a huge surprise at the end is always Apple Marketing Strategy behind successful selling of its products.

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We have also brought you an interesting note of Comparison of all Apple iPhone Products from time to time which includes iPhone 4 and its predecessors too. This comparison includes Apps installed from time to time, new additional features recommended and lots more. This is one of the good reason why we always emphasis on Upgrade Mobile to latest Apple iPhone 5 which not just have essential features, but is also proposed to be the next generation phone.

As a results, we explored and found out this awesome information graphics to share with you with regards to Apple iPhone comprehensive data, Apps listed out and how beneficial its going to be while using. Lots more ahead at the infographic below

3 Reasons Why You should Upgrade your Phone to iPhone 5