Interview is one of the most important part of the hiring process and is important for the interviewer as well as interviewee. There are various types of questions that are asked in an interview and some of these questions are general while others are specifically related to job post and job profile of the candidate.  There are many questions that are generally asked in all types of job interviews irrespective of the job post and the answers given by the candidate for these questions play a major role for getting selected for a job. In the following part of the article we will let you some of these most commonly asked questions and way to answer them.

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One of the most common questions asked by an interviewer is “Tell me about yourself”.  The candidate should not provide too much of personal details as an answer to this question but rather relate it to work related matters.  Question related to the dream job is another common questions asked in interviews.  While answering these types of questions, avoid mentioning a particular job position and rather use stereotypes phrases.

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Other common questions asked in an interview are related to the weakness and strengths of the candidate.  While answering these questions, the candidate should stay compose and answer.  In answer to the questions as to “why should we hire you”, the candidate should be balanced in their tone and should never compare themselves to the other candidates.

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What is your philosophy towards the work” is another common questions asked in job interviews.  While answering these questions, the candidate must use few words so as to mention about their basic values. Some of the other most asked job interview questions are – are you a team player, let us know about your management style, let us know about your ability to work under pressure, qualities you are looking for in a boss and others.

Most Asked Job Interview Questions and How to Answer Them