Its time to celebrate our Independence Day with all people of the world. Americans have always been the most powerful nations of the world, not just powerful but also intelligent in aiming to solve all problems of the world. While on this day earlier in 1776, the decision of having an independent nation was finally approved by the Continental Congress which has set the world’s 13 colonies to a massive freedom on a sovereign nation.

As always, all Americans celebrate this day with unique parade and celebrations on the road and this is their freedom day which they posses right to enjoy to the core. While one thing which you might note here is that their population from the year 1779-2012 has grown from 2.5 Million to a massive 313.9 Million till date.

This numbers are expected to be growing more and more in another short span of years. While the biggest talk over here today is how you are going to celebrate this day?

So what are the celebrations you are going to do for this particular day? Let us know in the commenting section about the places which you are going to visit this time and have fun on our freedom day.

4th July 2012: Happy Independence Day to all Americans