Vitamin D is known to have health benefits. Some of these include boosting heart health, preserving insulin activity, keeping the brain healthy, and cancer prevention. You may have learned lots of benefits, but let’s focus more on these four. Let’s start with heart health—how does Vitamin D affects the heart?

1. Vitamin D Helps Strengthen the Heart

In a study conducted by renowned researchers, they found that having sufficient Vitamin D levels has a significant impact in preventing cardiovascular diseases. The study was conducted with 1,783 healthy middle-aged subjects. Nine hundred sixty-four are men, whereas eight hundred nineteen are women. According to the researchers, women with Vitamin D levels in the top one-third of the subjects had sixty-eight percent lower risk of heart attack compared with the subjects in the bottom one-third.

On the other hand, men with sufficient Vitamin D levels in the upper third had forty-four percent lower risk of developing cardiovascular issues compared to those in the lower one-third.

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So if I were you, I would go out every morning and bask under the heat of the sun for a few minutes. But don’t overdo it. We all know the negative effects of too much sun exposure.

2. Vitamin D Aids in Preserving Insulin Sensitivity

Let’s be honest. Nobody wants diabetes. So how can we prevent it? Ensure you have sufficient Vitamin D in your blood. Consume foods rich in Vitamin D and also, take advantage of the sun. This may not be the ultimate solution to bypass diabetes, but at least, lower the risk of developing the said disease.

Experts found out how Vitamin D helps preserve our body’s insulin sensitivity. In fact, they discovered that Vitamin D deficiency is one of the leading causes of diabetes. Specifically, it doubles the risk of reaching a pre-diabetic level of insulin resistance, which eventually, might lead to Type 2 Diabetes.

3. Vitamin D Sustains Brain Health

Yes. You read it right—Vitamin D can help the brain stay healthy. It is proven to improve our memory and boost our problem-solving ability. In fact, it can also help prevent certain mental issues such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

4. Vitamin D Prevents Cancer

Vitamin D receptors can regulate a number of processes to the immune response inflammation, cancer cells, and tumor growth. Also, take note that Vitamin D can only help us protect from cancer. So don’t think that even though you’re consuming enough Vitamin D, yet living an unhealthy lifestyle, you are safe. No. In order to achieve ultimate protection, take care of your body by eating healthy foods and exercising regularly.

Moreover, breast, thyroid, and bladder are some types of cancer that are more likely to develop if we have low levels of Vitamin D.

5. Vitamin D Makes Our Immune System Healthy

Vitamin D takes responsibility of immune cells—they rely on the said vitamin. Without Vitamin D, immune cells seem ineffective in responding threats in the body. We all know that immune system safeguards the body from invaders. But in order to ensure their efficiency, we should take enough Vitamin D levels. That way, they can function at its best.

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5 Surprising Health Benefits of Vitamin D