Link building is a time-consuming task that may test the limits of your patience. But the task is worth the pain, simply due to the fact it is such a high ranking factor for search engines like Google! Business owners and marketers should not ignore the benefits that link building provides, especially as it affects your search visibility to attract traffic.

This process can be implemented by anyone, granted the correct methods are applied! There are no codes, no secret steps, no scientific experiments involved to get the work done.

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Here are six Local SEO link building strategies, your professional SEO agency in Sydney, so you can start building your own link building strategy today!

Local SEO Link Building Strategy 1: Think Local

Utilize the resources you have available online, namely the local reputable directories. Getting a listing through relevant directories help affirm the local nature of your business and can help in bringing in new traffic. Examples include Yelp, Yellow Pages and Truelocal.

Local SEO Link Building Strategy 2: Make It Easy For People to Link Back To You

Generating HTML link snippets at the end of every blog post or article is a good way for people to create new links. For instance, publishing an infographic will allow you to include a HTML ready code snippet at the end to make it easy for people to publish that same infographic elsewhere and link it back to you.

Local SEO Link Building Strategy 3: Strategic Blogging

Regularly providing new blog posts is an effective way of building links as it has the ability to generate backlinks from other quality sources. Blogging is about capturing people’s interest in a non-promotional style. Make a list of blogs you would like to pitch and create content that aligns with the requirement of those blogs. Keyword research is an important step in this, as long tail keywords can help increase your chances of appearing in local search results.

Local SEO Link Building Strategy 4: A Local Meet Up and Join a Local Movement

Local meetups can be a great way to meet like-minded people and discuss more about your business. It’s about creating brand awareness and establishing yourself as a professional in your line of work. You can find local groups or meetups through online sources and social media.

Local SEO Link Building Strategy 5: Image Link Building

Have great images published on your website? Images can be an effective way of building new links! There may be other sites using your images on their own content, and one option is to ask them to link and attribute the images back to your site. There are online sources you can use to check who may be using your images.

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Local SEO Link Building Strategy 6: Build Relationships with Local Influencers

Build relationships with local authorities and influences, so that you create an invaluable asset that will connect you with others and get noticed. Who are local influencers? Think of journalists, politicians, and maybe even celebrities! Finding them may be a challenge in the beginning, but the end result will make it worth it. A tip to help this process is to offer free samples of your product or service, which allows influences to endorse it or mention it if it is something they like/believe in.

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6 Local SEO Link Building Strategies for Small Businesses