A start to think about the effect of social media is to ask yourself how often you use social media. Is social media a part of your everyday routine? It is also worth considering how social media is used as a tool within business. Social media has the power to connect professionals together across the globe within a matter of seconds.

How we share on social media reflects on our characteristics and aims for why we share. Research has found that there are six types of sharers; altruists, hipsters, careerists, boomerangs, selective and connectors. The clue for the characteristics for these types of sharers is all in the name, such as selective are careful with what they share to their online audience and also put a lot of thought into what they share. This can differ massively as boomerangs mainly share to achieve reaction and are often empowered by social media.

There are many different reasons why we choose to share online; some of us share to entertain one another where others will share to nourish relationships and the list of reasons goes on.

You may find trust is generated through social media especially in business. If you have a strong online presence and regularly share online this shows that you are a genuine person/company with valid thoughts and opinions.

Twitter is a great example of online sharing. It has been found that that there are around 550 million users with 90% of the content being generated by 2%of users. This shows the amount of re-tweets and discussions that amount from content being shared online.

With email still being the most effective way to reach top executives who knows what the future will hold for online sharing!

6 Types of Social Media sharers

Source: www.statpro.com