Learning online is easier than ever before. Advancements in technology have provided the human population with limitless information. There seems to be new knowledge every day and always a new way to access it. Our communication has evolved and with it so is the educational landscape.

Learning online, or eLearning, is an essential part of the bigger picture. Popularity is mounting, as the benefits prove effective. “The online corporate training market is expected to grow by 13% per year through 2017. And today 77% of USA companies offer online corporate training to improve the professional development of their employees” (Christopher Pappas, eLearningIndustry).

People around the world, of all ages, are already eLearning. There are many benefits of eLearning and plenty of ways to use it to your advantage. Students need to be engaged to achieve the best results. eLearning provides new and innovative ways to involve students in their own education. There are multimedia options and interactive learning activities available on any given topic.

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Learning online can also provide a safe environment. Feel free to make mistakes without the embarrassment of failing in front of your peers. Some people struggle with social anxieties and strive for perfection to a fault. These issues can hinder anyone’s educational experience and stop education dead in its tracks. Courses taken via the Internet offer a judgment free zone allowing students to take more risks, this fostering their creative thinking skills and more.

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Learning online also teaches important digital skills. Understanding electronics and how today’s technologies work are imperative to success in any field. Whether we like it or not, our world has been digitized. With eLearning you can obtain information on cyber safety and learn how to use helpful software and applications.

A mobile learning environment provides the convenience of learning any time, anywhere. Students of all ages will profit from the features of eLearning and it is now a reality that everyone can pass online courses in any possible field. The opportunities are endless, and the search to find the right tutorial for you can be overwhelming.

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We have saved your time and created this informative infographic. We have listed 71 free online courses and tutorials you most likely have not tried. The list is broken into 7 categories, each with anywhere from 8-15 specific available courses. Click on course titles to be taken directly to lesson websites and also view the computer monitor at the top of the infographic. These icons also include direct links to additional top-notch educational platforms.

No matter what you want or need to study, make sure to research your topic. Understand your own aptitude and be able to identify what the correct course is for you. None of us are the same, and neither are the online lessons. We all have varied learning styles and techniques as well. Something that works for your brain may not be what is best for another person. There is no right or wrong way; simply what is best for the individual.

Once you know your area of interest, you can begin to sort through the options. This infographic contains a wide variety of subjects. Search categories from programming, design, business and marketing to humanities, math, physical sciences and health. There is even a personal development and lifestyle category that makes sure to include something for everyone.

The infographic covers many popular areas of study and if used correctly, can drive your education, career and life to the next level. Put down your library card and pencil and open your computer screen. Technology is handing you opportunity. Everything you need to know is literally at your fingertips. Use these free options today and push yourself to reach your own potential.

Here are the complete list of 71 free courses and tutorials, you should try this year:

Programming and Design

  • Intensive Introduction to Computer Science – Link
  • The Odin Project – Link
  • Codeacademy – Link
  • HTML5 Rocks – Link
  • Android DEvelopers Training – Link
  • MongoDB University Online Courses – Link
  • Microsoft Virtual Academy – Link
  • Aquent Gymnasium – Link
  • PVT. Programming Video Tutorials – Link
  • Adobe KnowHow – Link
  • DevelopPHP – Link
  • Planet Photoshop Tutorials – Link
  • Web Design Library Tutorials – Link
  • Absolute Cross Tutorials – Link

Business and Marketing

  • My Own Business Courses – Link
  • Kutztown University SBDC Course – Link
  • Financial Management Training Center – Link
  • LearnVest Classes – Link
  • How to Start a Startup, Sam Altman – Link
  • Digital Business Academy Courses – Link
  • Stanford University’s Entrepreneurship Corner – Link
  • Marketing 101: A Guide to Winning Customers – Link
  • Hubspot Academy – Link
  • Learn SEO and Social Media, Moz – Link
  • Internet Marketing for Smart People, CopyBlogger – Link
  • Digital Marketing Course, Google – Link
  • Social Media 101, Buffer – Link
  • AMA Podcasts – Link
  • Digital Marketing Webcasts – Link

Humanities and Social Sciences

  • LitLovers Courses – Link
  • Have Fun with History – Link
  • The History of World since 1500 CE – Link
  • History of Architecture – Link
  • Money Instructor Business Law Lessons – Link
  • Psychology Concepts Videos – Link
  • Hillsdale’s Economics 101 – Link
  • Sociology Guide – Link

Math and Physical Science

  • Math Planet – Link
  • The World of Math Online – Link
  • Citizen Maths – Link
  • Online Chemistry Courses, About – Link
  • Astronomy Course, Dr.Bruce Betts – Link
  • Fear of Physics – Link
  • Introduction to Logic, University of Oxford – Link
  • Let’s Practice Geometry – Link

Life Sciences and Health

  • Bioscience in the 21st Century, Lehigh University – Link
  • Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Publish health – Link
  • Environmental Health: An Integrative Approach – Link
  • Integrative Healing Practices, University of Minnesota – Link
  • iBiology Courses – Link
  • First Aid for Free – Link
  • Online Nutrition Courses, The Health Sciences Academy – Link
  • Online Weight Loss Courses, CSNM – Link

Personal Development

  • Master Class Management – Link
  • The Positive Approach – Link
  • Free Self-Confidence E-Course, Living Moxie – Link
  • She Takes on the World – Link
  • MyCareer@VA – Link
  • Time Management Training Course, Peter Tattersall – Link


  • Creative Writing Course, The Crafty Writer – Link
  • Free Guided Meditations, UCLA – Link
  • Berklee Online Music Course – Link
  • Basics of Photography: The Complete Guide, LifeHacker – Link
  • ArtyFactory – Link
  • DrawSpace – Link
  • How to Cook, Better Homes and Gradens – Link
  • Learn to Dance – Link
  • Do Yoga with Me – Link

Let’s take a look at the Infographic now.

Top 71 Free Online Courses & Tutorials You Should Try