Social media is what the television was when it was at its prime. We are all eyes and all ears on it. Most of our free and a bit of our productive time is spent on it. We often wake up with social media, spend the day with social media and sleep with social media. It has become so powerful that it can influence on a lot of things – from what to eat, to wear, to watch, to listen, to say, and even believe in.

This power of social media has been used productively by different industries and companies to sell their products and ideas to the market. In fact, people are being hired to take on the job of maintaining social media accounts and making sure that more and more customers and potential customers continue to engage and get hooked with them.

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But the social media is but a weapon. It can only work for us and our company as much as we want it to. It cannot engage on its own. The people feeding it are still the masters of the game. That is why, we, as social media contributors or writers must make sure that we maximize the potential of social media to the fullest. The real power of social media is actually in our hands.

So given this, how can we make our write-ups as engaging as it can be? How do we make more and more people patronize us? How do we stir and disturb the status quo? How do we unleash our power through the weapon of social media and make our audience interact with us more?

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Be Informed

Knowledge is indeed power. So for us to fully maximize the power of social media, and reach and interact with our audience, we have to be in the know when it comes to recent industry innovations, current news, latest happenings, fresh buzz, and generally what everyone is talking about. This way, we would be able to start interesting conversations of great interest.

Know who to capture

In an infographic entitled “9 Ways To Interact With Your Audience in Social Media”, it is mentioned there that we would have to know our audience and to throw the right questions at the right time. We can’t do this if we don’t have an iota of an idea of who our current and potential market are. Thus, we would have to understand the demographics, the age group, the economic status, the interests, and even the tendencies of who we are trying to engage. This is a good way of attracting and influencing them, as well as avoiding a fight due to unintentional offenses committed against them.

Push the right buttons

Once we know our audience, then we have to push the right buttons to turn them on. Whether it is through humor, starting polls and debates, holding contests, or whatever – we must be creating noise to attract them. And once we have attracted them, we must be able to hold and sustain their interests via disturbing their minds with regards to current facts or future possibilities. In the same article mentioned above, even the simple use of images, emoticons, and hashtags can already do a lot for our write-ups and can make create enough buzz online.

Be present and persistent

Once we have held and sustained their attention, we must be always present for them to see and persistent in pushing for our points whatever they may be. First, it is important for our audience to know that we are seriously here as a sign of our commitment to our cause. They would know our presence by the frequency of our posts, and the speed of our responses. Also, our posts must have one line of sight. Consistency is the name of the game. We can’t post one idea today and a contrasting one tomorrow. We have to remember that our credibility matters to them.

Learn to close the deal

We all do social media marketing for one reason – to put our audience to action. Whatever the action – whether to buy, to avail of a service, to enroll their kids in a school, etc. – we may require from them, the end-goal is to make that action happen. So our write-ups and our engagements with them should be convincing enough to close the deal. All marketing activity would be in vain if all we can do is to attract, and hold attention. The closing part is the most important of them all.

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In all the items above, one thing is common: ourselves. We should be the brain that should put the hands and arms of social media at work. The power to produce results is in our hands. It is up to us to unleash that power and release the ultimate force social media marketing can bring about.

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