Fathers day and Mothers day are some of the most beautiful moments for all of us in this world. These are actually the days for which every individual lives for their parents. These are some of the happy days of every children’s life which everyone wants to enjoy a lot.

However, today we got an awesome infographics that actually compares Fathers day with that of the Mothers day, silly kinda!! But while taking a close look on both of these days, we found that actually Mothers gets more gifts and love on Mothers Day irrespective of Fathers been getting less gifts on Fathers day. While these are just stats which are suppose to change anytime, but in real life it is both who completes our(Children) Life.

A Mother, which symbolizes symbol for love and care and true sacrifice, and Fathers, who has also been with us whenever we required him in all of our stages of life. We enjoy our life daily with friends and with everyone, but our parents are the only ultimate people, who enjoy for us and with you, without us they have no life at all.

People celebrate fathers day and mothers day in occasion to keep people happy, but over here we have thought something different this time as we decided to keep our parents happy for the entire life, including all days of the year. Since they deserve to be the best of all from us and every child is truly responsible and capable to do this. So why not share this Post on Facebook and let everyone know how much you care about your parents all through the day.

Loving Comparison of Our Life: Father's Day vs Mother's Day

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